The ABCs of perfect eyebrows

While we love them full and natural, eyebrows still require a bit of care: you want to balance their shape and define them discreetly. Follow this little guide for a perfect result, from hair removal to makeup.

Hair removal: the golden rule

You may wonder where to begin with your tweezer: should you remove this or that hair, or would it alter the shape of your brow? Just remember these three rules to make things easier:

  1. Start at the inner extremity of your arch and trace an imaginary vertical line from your nostril. All hairs beyond this line can be removed.
  2. In the middle, at the highest point of your brow, trace an imaginary line from your nostril, crossing over your pupil.
  3. At the outer extremity, your brow should end where an imaginary line crosses the outer corner of your eye. Anything passed this point? You guessed it: gone!
Épilation : la règle d’or
Tweezers Diagonal Tip
Personnelle Cosmetics

Tweezers Diagonal Tip

What about makeup?

There’s plenty of eyebrow makeup products… so much that it may be difficult to pick just one! Which one should you choose? Let’s take a look.


Whether creamy or dry, your pencil should be applied with a light touch. Using the tip, which you should keep well-sharpened, you want to recreate little hairs. For a more natural effect, begin at the outside of the brow, reducing pressure on the pencil as you approach your nose. Note: the inside of your brow should finish discretely. Avoid straight lines and harsh angles.


Similar to mascara, colored or clear gel holds hairs in place and improves definition. You can use it alone for a no-makeup look, or apply it after the pencil to strengthen its hold and enhance its effect.


Pro tip: To give your eyebrows more body and personality, simply brush your them in the opposite direction of hair growth, then return them to the right direction.

Le gel


This product offers a more waxy finish than pencils, providing a unique mix between a pencil and gel effect. It’s the ideal solution for beginners, and goes on effortlessly. In a single motion, you can get perfect definition and brows that won’t budge.


Do you want to color your eyebrows without taking out your makeup bag every day? Brow dye can be a solution. Quick and easy to apply, it enhances your brow’s natural color for weeks – even if you go for runs or have regular swim trainings!

Eyelash & Brow Dye, 12 units
Swiss O Par

Eyelash & Brow Dye, 12 units

Intense colour for perfect eye lashes and eye brows. Now with vitamin C. Perfect eyelashes and eyebrows for elegant expression without smudging. Even while engaging in sport or swimming, the colour remains and gives your eyes a stunning appearance. Non-fading and long-lasting for many weeks.


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The ABCs of perfect eyebrows

While we love them full and natural, eyebrows still require a bit of care. You want to balance their shape and arch, and define them with impeccable makeup. Here are our tips and tricks.
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