A quick-dry spray that really works!

Ladies, how many times have you decided not to apply nail polish because you’re short on time? Here’s the solution to your problem: Personnelle Cosmetics Fast Dry spray. No more time wasted waiting for your nails to dry!

What is it?

A spray that acts as a top coat and helps your nails dry in under a few minutes. It goes on clear and helps your nail polish last longer while providing extra shine.

Who is it for?

For women who don’t have the patience, time or motivation to wait until their nail polish dries.

How does it work?

Nail polish contains solvents that bind the ingredients together when in liquid form. They dry and harden when the solvents, which are volatile, separate from the other ingredients and evaporate. Thanks to its formula, the spray quickly absorbs the solvent in the nail polish, leaving behind a dry layer of colour on your nail.

personnelle cosmetics Fast Dry spray

How do you use it?

It’s simple! Once you’ve finished applying your nail polish, quickly use the spray while holding it about 30 cm away from your nails. Wait a few minutes until the polish is dry. It can be used on your hands and feet.

Important note: Don’t apply more nail polish once you’ve used the spray. Any nail polish applied after will simply not stick! So avoid using the spray between layers of polish.


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A quick-dry spray that really works!

A nail polish that dries in record time? It’s possible! Discover a product that lives up to the hype.
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