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These days, it seems like everyone’s talking about face peels. But what are they exactly? How do they work? Who should use them? And why are they so popular with the stars? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What exactly is a face peel?

As the name suggests, face peels are indeed used to “peel.” They are formulated with a high concentration of acids that cleanse and remove one or more surface layers of skin on the face. This process allows you to stimulate collagen production and promote skin renewal while reducing or erasing certain imperfections such as fine lines, dilated pores, brown spots and acne scars.

At-home face peels, also known as “resurfacing,” are available as either masks or scrubs. But careful not to confuse facial peels with exfoliants, which are much gentler on the skin and composed of microbeads that deeply cleanse and unclog pores.

use one?

The stars and beautistas of this world can’t praise face peels enough. And for good reason! They have so many beneficial effects on the skin that it doesn’t take long to fall in love with them. Who wouldn’t want to use a product that attacks all (or almost all!) of the skin’s imperfections?

Benefits of face peels:
  • They fight the effects of time (wrinkles and fine lines) and slow skin aging
  • They smoothen and soften the skin
  • They revive the complexion and make it more radiant
  • They reduce the appearance of scars
  • They eliminate superficial brown spots
  • They tighten pores
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it for?

Keep in mind that the more delicate your skin, the more likely the product is to irritate it. So people who suffer from rosacea, eczema or psoriasis should steer clear of face peels. And contrary to popular belief, resurfacing is for all women, regardless of their age. For example, if you have dilated pores, a blotchy complexion or small blackheads, a face peel can become a valuable beauty ally for flawless skin. So anyone who wants to revive their skin at home can give it a try.

How often
should I do them?

Did you love the results of your first peel, and want to experience it again? Watch out! How often you use a peel and the concentration of active ingredients varies from one product to the next, so it’s important to carefully read the instructions provided and follow the intervals and cycle of use to the letter.

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should I take?

  • Test the product on a small area of the skin before applying it
  • Avoid the lip and eye areas at all costs
  • Since face peels make the skin more sensitive, be sure to protect it from the sun and UV rays with a sunscreen that has a high SPF, ideally 50 or more

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Learn all about face peels

What are face peels? How do they work? And why do the stars love them so much? Learn everything you need to know.
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