Beauty gift ideas for Father's Day

The gift of beauty treatments is both an original and practical way to celebrate Father's Day in style!

Short of gift ideas for Father's Day? Here are a few ideas for skincare products to pamper dads in style this year!

What gift to give your dad to brighten up his morning routine?

Giving a facial cleanser or moisturizer is a great idea for an original gift to help your dad or significant other start the day with a boost of energy! But to choose the right product for his morning routine, first make sure you know your skin type:

  • For combination or oily skin, opt for cleansing and non-comedogenic formulas (which don't clog pores), as well as mattifying creams with a non-sticky texture, which help purify and soothe the skin.
  • For dry skin, opt for thirst-quenching skincare products such as a cleanser enriched with mineral salts or thermal spring water, and a light cream rich in moisturizing active ingredients.
  • For sensitive skin, be sure to select gentle, hypoallergenic formulas that effectively protect against daily aggressions (dust, pollution, etc.).

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

Biotherm Aquapower Advanced Gel, 75 ml: This fortifying, ultra-moisturizing gel for normal to combination skin with bioceramides and Life Plankton thermal spring water hydrates and revitalizes skin for almost 48 hours from the very first use.

Aquapower Advanced Gel Ultra-Moisturizing & Strengthening, 75 ml, Normal to Combination Skin
Biotherm Homme

Aquapower Advanced Gel Ultra-Moisturizing & Strengthening, 75 ml, Normal to Combination Skin

48h ultra-moisturizing and strengthening advanced gel for men with bioceramides and Life Plankton. Ideal for a re-energized skin and fortified barrier function. Skin feels comfortable and fresh. Discover the new aquapower ultra-moisturizing and strengthening advanced gel for normal to combination skin. The iconic product, fragrance, texture and finish you love, now made better with a cleaner formula and an innovative eco-designed airless glass packaging. What's unique about it: this gel moisturizer for men moisturizes and re-energizes skin at first use. Amplified by blue sciences: powered by 7 500 liters* of Life Plankton thermal water**, now amplified by potent bioceramides***, it instantly moisturizes and strengthens skin's moisture barrier. True to our blue commitments: Biotherm is committed to a better future for our oceans since 2012. This packaging integrates recycled materials. Key ingredients: this gel moisturizer is enriched with Life Plankton, the cosmetic industry's unique ingredient, the skin feels deeply hydrated, revitalized and ultra-fresh upon application. Formula and texture: this face moisturizer for men has an ultra-light and breathable water-gel texture. Non-sticky, non-oily. Immediate cooling effect. Quick penetration. Fast absorbing. No parabens. No mineral oils. No EDTA. Suitable for sensitive skin and tested under dermatological control. *in terms of the concentration of Life Plankton, in a 75ml jar. ** Life Plankton thermal water from french pyrenees. ***Natural-origin ceramides, extracted with bioscience technology.

The perfect gift to add a fragrant touch to his beauty routine

Whether you're renewing his favorite fragrance or giving him something new, there's an array of men's fragrance choices to suit his needs!

To help you choose the most appropriate fragrance to give him for Father's Day, start by asking yourself: which of these olfactory families best matches his personality?

  • Aromatic: this typically masculine olfactory family includes fragrances with notes of aromatic herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme or lavender.
  • Woody: as the name suggests, this type of olfactory note is dominated by woods such as sandalwood or cedar, generally accompanied by accents of patchouli, vetiver or spices.
  • Chypre: chypre fragrances are mainly composed of chords of oakmoss, patchouli, rose and bergamot.
  • Citrus: this category covers all citrus fragrances (bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin, etc.) and blends easily with all other olfactory families!
  • Oriental: this family, also known as "spicy" or "amber", lasts longer than the other scents and is made up of balms, resins, exotic spices, precious woods and other oriental scents. It's not uncommon to see it paired with vanilla notes.
  • Floral: floral fragrances can also be used for men, with scents such as geranium, violet and lavender.
  • Musky: this type of sensual fragrance adds a touch of aphrodisiacism to the scent. It can be powdery, floral, woody or fruity.
  • Fougere: this typically masculine family refers to a rather complex accord of lavender, geranium, fresh herbs and oak moss.

Need more tips for your Father's Day gifts? Here are a few mistakes to avoid when choosing a fragrance for dad!

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum, 100 ml: Give him this intensely fresh, ferny, aromatic and woody eau de parfum, based on green mandarin, lavandin and pine essence. A must to add to your Father's Day gift list!

Chrome Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

Chrome Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

A Father's Day gift to spoil bearded men

The best Father's Day gifts are those that combine the pleasant with the useful, like being able to maintain their beard gently and comfortably every day! Long, short, deceptively scruffy... no matter how bearded he is, you can help him maintain it the way he wants!

Electric clipper

Equipped with several settings and usually accompanied by various types of combs, an electric trimmer is an invaluable ally in helping your favorite bearded friends achieve an even (and ideal!) length on all areas of their face and neck.

Beard & face oil

Complete your original Father's Day gift by adding beard care products to your shaving kit! Shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing oils or styling creams... there's an array of choices to soften and discipline even the longest beards!

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

L'Oréal Paris Men Expert BarberClub Face and Beard Oil, 30 ml: Specifically designed for long beards, this oil enriched with cedarwood essential oil is inspired by the skills of barbers to intensely nourish the skin and give it an exceptional beard all day long.

Men Expert Barberclub Face and Beard Oil, 30 ml
L'Oréal Paris

Men Expert Barberclub Face and Beard Oil, 30 ml

Love the beard look, but hate the messy, itchy and dirty feel? We've got you covered! Our 1st grooming range inspired by the Barber know-how for the expert care of your beard, powered by cedarwood essential oil.

And let's not forget gifts for cleaned shaved dads!

Does your father or partner prefer a close shave? No problem! Give him the perfect duo of products to help prevent irritation, soothe razor burn and make his cheeks silkier every day: a rich shaving foam to lubricate the epidermis before the blade passes and a refreshing aftershave lotion to rest the skin and delicately perfume it.

For sensitive skin, it's best to choose soothing, emollient shaving products that reduce irritation and maintain optimal moisture levels.

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

Nivea Men Shaving Foam, 200 ml: With a formula enriched with chamomile and vitamin E, this shaving foam for sensitive skin has been dermatologically tested to soothe the skin and provide an extra comfortable close shave. It's also ideal for softening beard hair!

Sensitive Shaving Foam
Nivea Men

Sensitive Shaving Foam

The formula is enriched with Chamomile and Vitamin E to care for the skin: Advanced shaving with Ultra Glide Technology. Softens the beard hair. Soothing feeling. Close and extra comfortable shave. Dermatologically tested by men with sensitive skin. Result: The skin feels relaxed, supple and comfortable.

What's the perfect gift to help them beat crow's feet?

No one is immune to the signs of aging, but everyone can benefit from the right skincare products to curb skin aging. Give them Father's Day gifts that will help them betray their age by chasing away crow's feet.

Choose from a range of skin care products specially designed for the delicate eye contour area, with active ingredients that:

  • combat the oxidation responsible for skin aging;
  • give skin radiance;
  • prevent the appearance of wrinkles;
  • stimulate collagen and elastin production.

To help you choose the right beauty product for dad, look for tubes with metal or ceramic applicators, whose freshness on the skin helps promote blood circulation and deflate puffy eyes. It's the perfect treatment for busy mornings!

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

CW Beggs & Sons Anti-Wrinkle Defense Eye, 15 ml: This cream with Canadian red maple extract, Kakadu plum extract and plant marine extract promotes microcirculation and absorption of ingredients by the skin. It brightens the eye contour area, reduces puffiness and dark circles, and restores the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Anti-Wrinkle Defense Eye, 15 ml
CW Beggs and Sons

Anti-Wrinkle Defense Eye, 15 ml

The cooling effect ceramic tip allows a safe and ultra-efficient application. Its massage promotes micro-circulation and penetration of ingredients into the skin.

A personalized Father's Day gift for the eternally disheveled

Dad's morning mane could rival that of the king of the jungle? The perfect gift would be to give him something to help tame his wayward hair, like a shaping paste or texturizing spray gel. Such products will help him add body to his hair, without weighing it down or making it look greasy. This way, he'll be able to maintain the most natural look, but without the rebellious rosettes!

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Sculpting Paste, 110 g: This high-performance, matte-finish sculpting paste offers extra-strong hold, a well-groomed look and controlled styling for any man who needs it! A great reason to add it to your Father's Day gifts!

Men Expert Sculpting Paste, 110 g
L'Oréal Paris

Men Expert Sculpting Paste, 110 g

Father's Day gifts for busy dads

Long hours at the office, helping with homework, daily jogging, lunches and dinners to prepare... the family routine can be quite breathtaking for many devoted dads. And Father's Day is the perfect occasion to encourage them to take a few minutes to pamper themselves with a gentle skin scrub!

Give them an exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells from the epidermis and prepares the skin to receive other treatments (moisturizer, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, etc.) It's a great gift idea for dad, and will leave his skin luminous, detoxified and free of all signs of stress. He'll have everything he needs to keep on running!

Recommended beauty product as a Father's Day gift

CW Beggs and Sons Face Scrub, 125 ml: This hypoallergenic facial scrub promotes refined, smoothed and radiant skin thanks to its key active ingredients of exfoliating bamboo particles and moisturizing provitamin B5. What's more, it's suitable for all skin types (which means all dads!).

Face Scrub, 125 ml
CW Beggs and Sons

Face Scrub, 125 ml

Sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving the face looking more refined, with a smooth, glowing complexion.

The best Father's Day gift for active men

Whether he's commuting to work or between home, the office and the gym, your dad or significant other needs beauty products he can use on the go! So why not add smaller, convenient beauty product formats to your Father's Day gifts?

That way, the man in your life can always benefit from hand cream, lip balm or quick-apply sun protection, wherever he may be!

What gift to give a man who already has everything?

Of course, nothing can replace the greatest gift you can give every father: the gift of your presence. But since you also like to pamper them, it's always a good idea to add a few beauty products to your Father's Day gifts!

Don't hesitate to ask our cosmetics specialists to help you find the perfect personalized gift to take care of him from head to toe.

And to inspire you further, here are some other suggestions for must-have skincare products for him!


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Beauty gift ideas for Father's Day

Looking for the gift that will please your father or your sweetheart? Why not give him skin care products adapted to his needs? After all, beauty is not just about women.
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