How to pamper
your feet!

Our feet have it rough! They support our weight throughout the day and are too often abused by our footwear. Discover five ways to keep them beautiful and healthy.

Thoroughly dry your feet after your shower or bath.

Not properly drying your feet can lead to mycosis (athlete’s foot), an infection caused by fungus growth. The inside of your shoe, which is warm and damp, is an ideal place for bacterial growth. To reduce your risks of fungus, make sure you dry your feet when you get out of your bath or shower, especially the area between your toes.

Trim your toenails.

Healthy feet need healthy toenails. Even if they’re often covered, don’t neglect them because long nails can cause infections and short nails can cause ingrown toenails. Simply use a nail clipper or small scissors to trim your nails straight across and leave the corners a little longer, unless they are causing you discomfort. File the nail ends, first in parallel and then in perpendicular. Finally, gently file the sides of the nail, but only a bit. To keep your nails strong and healthy, repeat the process every two to three weeks.


Cut your nails only after you take a bath or shower. Why? Because your nails will be softer, less prone to breaking and easier to trim.

Summer or winter, wear the right footwear.

It’s not always easy to find shoes that we love and are comfortable for our feet.

To promote good hygiene, a shoe must:

  • Accommodate the shape of your foot.
  • Provide the right support.
  • Be comfortable. Make sure it doesn’t cause rubbing!
  • Let your foot breathe. Avoid closed toe shoes made of plastic.


Can’t live without your high heels? Unfortunately they, along with lovely summer sandals, tend to cause calluses because they rub against your foot and alter how your weight is distributed on your feet.

Exfoliate and moisturize your feet.

Most of us don’t exfoliate and moisturize our feet enough. These are essential steps to getting smooth, soft skin. And for long-lasting results, you need to repeat the process regularly. Exfoliate with a scrub specifically designed for this area of your body and massage it on damp feet by focusing on areas with calluses, your heels for instance. Once your foot is massaged, rinsed and thoroughly dried, apply a moisturizing cream to nourish your skin.

Surprising fact

The sole of your foot does not contain any sebaceous glands and does not produce moisture other than sweat. That’s why you need to regularly apply cream on this area.

Massage your feet.

In addition to supporting your weight every day, your feet contain thousands of nerve endings connected to different areas of the body. Massaging them is a great way to relax, unwind and lower your stress levels.

Here’s how to massage them in five easy steps:

1) Use both hands to massage the entire foot and increase the pressure near the sole.

2- Use both thumbs to rub your heel in small circular movements. Adjust the pressure to your liking.

3- Repeat this step on the area under your toes.

4- With both hands, massage around your ankle, then use a closed fist to gently put pressure on the arch.

5- Finish by delicately kneading and pulling your toes.


Short on time? Want this relaxing session to last? Good news! You can give your feet a continuous massage by inserting specially designed insoles into your shoes. Foot care that lasts all day!

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How to pamper your feet!

Our feet have it rough! They support our weight throughout the day and are too often abused by our footwear. Discover five ways to keep them beautiful and healthy.
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