Help! My hair colour is dull

Have you always dreamed of having hair that will turn heads, but put up with dull, lacklustre locks instead? Here are four ways to revive and enhance your colour.


Thoroughly brush your hair.

This may seem obvious, but for stunning, healthy hair it’s essential to brush it on a daily basis. Why? Because the repetitive motion allows the hair’s natural oils to spread throughout your tresses to nourish them, maintain vitality and restore shine. Brush your hair gently in the morning to remove knots and boost circulation to the scalp, and in the evening to remove any dirt that may have settled in your hair over the course of the day and help restore volume.

Tip: From time to time, massage your scalp with your fingertips to stimulate blood circulation at the roots.


Apply a hair mask.

Masks protect your hair, preventing it from fading and becoming damaged. Applying a weekly mask will help strengthen your locks, especially if they are dry or if you have split ends. As masks directly treat the core of the hair fibre, they instantly restore vitality to brittle, damaged hair.

For optimal results, carefully follow these hair mask rules:

  • Choose a mask that’s adapted to your hair type.
  • Apply the mask to hair that has been properly rinsed out to prevent the shampoo’s active ingredients from mixing with the mask’s ingredients.
  • Pat your hair dry before applying the mask. Too much water will dilute the product and make it less effective.
  • Apply the right dose: 2 to 4 drops, no more.
  • Apply the mask to the lengths of your hair only, never the roots.
  • Massage the product in strand by strand to help it penetrate the hair.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly. If you don’t, dirt and residues may stick to your locks.
  • To finish, rinse with cold water to close the hair cuticles and restore shine.


Use products adapted to your needs.

Healthy hair requires specially adapted products. Whether to clarify, boost or revive your hair colour, there is a wide selection of products for all types of hair, of every colour, for every need!

Note that dull, lacklustre hair often needs to be rehydrated to better reflect light. To do so, choose mild, ultra-hydrating hair products and shampoo.

Tip: For an instant burst of radiance, apply a drop of styling oil to your ’do. Hello shine!


Try semi-permanent or temporary dyes.

To brighten up a dull blond, lacklustre brown or tired red, colouring your hair is your best bet.

If you want your hair to have a more vibrant hue and a shinier look without having to completely change your hair colour, semi-permanent or temporary hair colouring treatments are an excellent solution as they are less harsh on your hair than permanent dyes. What’s more, neither contains ammonia, so your roots won’t start to show after just a few weeks. Both add a magnificent shine to your hair and enhance its natural colour.

Semi-permanent hair colour has a low concentration of peroxide that can change the shade of your hair very slightly, without lightening it. After 20 or so washes, it will gradually start to fade and your natural colour will return.

Temporary hair colour, which doesn’t contain peroxide, will fade every time you wash your hair and will eventually disappear completely after six to eight washes.

Also, keep in mind that these kinds of hair colouring treatments only partially cover grey hair.  

Color Radiance - Mask, 300 ml, Coloured Hair
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Color Radiance - Mask, 300 ml, Coloured Hair
Casting Crème Gloss By Healthy Look coloration
L'Oréal Paris

Casting Crème Gloss By Healthy Look coloration

The no-ammonia crème formula blends away grey, Your hair has truly natural-looking colour, full of visible shimmering tones Glossy and natural-looking colour that lasts up to 28 shampoos. During colouring, the crème formula enriched with a patented conditioning complex helps protect and strengthen for beautifully soft hair. After colouring, the conditioner, enriched with Royal Jelly, leaves your hair feeling nourished and with a long-lasting glossy shine. Our new bottle design allows for a precise and easy application, The non-drip crème formula with a delicate fragrance makes colouring a luxurious treat


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Help! My hair colour is dull

Have you always dreamed of having hair that will turn heads, but put up with dull, lacklustre locks instead? Here are four ways to revive and enhance your colour.