Sponge, fingers or brush: how to apply your foundation


Be sure to always use a damp makeup sponge. Hold it under running water then wring it out. This will make it double in volume and allow you to use less product, since the sponge won’t soak up the foundation.

Pros: A true phenomenon, makeup sponges are often the favourite tool of YouTubers. We love their versatility and the very natural effect they give the foundation. Using tapping motions with your sponge, you can literally press the product into your pores, rather than letting it “float” on the surface of the skin. An honourable mention goes to its softness, which is an incredible ally for sensitive or irritated skin.

Cons: Sponges are more complex and more work to wash. You never really know if your sponge is 100% clean, and it stains easily. Also, you have to let it air dry after each use, which makes it a less-than-ideal travel companion. Ensure your sponge is always spotless by washing it with a product specially designed to purify it.

Precision Cosmetic Sponge
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Precision Cosmetic Sponge


Pros:The major advantage of foundation brushes is that there are so many options to choose from. Whether you like your bristles thick, long or flat, you’re sure to find the perfect brush for you. In addition to helping you apply your makeup, the different types of bristles and thickness also affect the finish of your makeup. For example, the thicker and more tightly packed the bristles, the more coverage you’ll get.

Cons: Brushes tend to apply more product to the skin. As a result, you need to spend a little more time shading in your foundation to eliminate and properly correct any lines on the face.

Perfecting Foundation Brush, 1 unit
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Perfecting Foundation Brush, 1 unit
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Pro Flat Foundation Brush


Pros: The advantage of fingers is that you can’t forget them! They can be very practical when you are in a hurry, on the road or simply forgot your tools (sponge, brushes). They also let you control the pressure and friction you apply to the skin for results that are natural in appearance.

Cons: No one will be surprised to hear that using your fingers isn’t exactly the most hygienic technique. Your hands do carry bacteria after all. To fix the problem, simply wash your hands thoroughly before your makeup session.


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Sponge, fingers or brush: how to apply your foundation

Beauty tutorials abound, but they sometimes leave us wondering if we’re using the right makeup techniques. There’s a lingering debate over the best tools to apply foundation. Here are the pros and cons of each technique.