Men: dare to colour your grey hair!

Want to conceal your greys, but nervous about colouring them? Don’t worry! Follow our tips for natural results.

Unlike women’s hair colouring, men’s colouring is not meant to entirely conceal greys. The goal is to achieve a subtle look. And keep in mind that salt-and-pepper hair can be a considerable asset in the art of seduction. Just think of Hollywood’s leading men!

Is your hair just beginning to grey?

Are you less than thrilled about getting your first grey hairs? Want to cover them up? Opt for repigmentation products that are used like shampoo. These products allow white hairs to progressively return to a colour close to your natural shade.

Note: If you want to completely conceal your greys in a single application, it’s best to use a colouring product specifically designed for men.

Too much salt, not enough pepper?

You have two options, depending on how much grey you have.

  1. If less than half of your hair is grey, avoid applying your colouring evenly, though do keep it uniform at the ends and on the hair over your temples.
  2. But if most of your hair is grey, apply the colouring throughout your hair. Use a comb to ensure you properly spread out the colour. This way, you’ll maintain a somewhat random coverage and avoid a “helmet” effect when your hair grows in.

Is your hair completely white?

Why not accept and enjoy it? The self-assured silver fox look is absolutely on-trend. However, since white hair can sometimes yellow or even turn greenish with oxidation, colouring your hair can help enhance your white and restore its radiance. If you prefer to avoid colouring, another option is using a blue shampoo, which is a great ally of greying hair.

Tip Avoid applying hair colouring to your sideburns. Their rough texture prevents this type of dye from properly adhering. It’s better to use products specially formulated for sideburns, beards and moustaches.

Our suggestions

Partial Hair Colour, 1 unit
Touch of Grey

Partial Hair Colour, 1 unit

Gets rid of some grey not all for that perfect salt and pepper look.

Normal Hair Shampoo, 450 ml
Light Blue Shade

Normal Hair Shampoo, 450 ml

Original shampoo is ideal for normal hair. Adds shine and brillance to white, blonde and silver hair.


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Men: dare to colour your grey hair!

Although many keep it a secret, more and more men are colouring their hair. Follow our tips for hair colouring that won’t get noticed.