To each man his own perfume


Your personality: You’re a techno-geek and a gadget lover and you do more than follow the latest trends, you help set them. You know everything about any subject, and you love being original and unique.

We suggest: CK2 by Calvin Klein

Perfume: CK2 was one of the first unisex perfumes (a fragrance for both men and women) available on the market. A fragrance that embodies your love of life and celebrates the diverse connections between two people. A scent that has come to symbolize Generation Z!

Notes: The lovely bottle is shaped like an upside down pill and holds a perfume with base notes of wasabi, tangerine, violet leaf and a refined combination of woody notes.


Your personality: A keen sportsman through and through, you’re always ready for your next exhilarating adventure. One thing is certain: you’ll never stop planning ways to keep busy and you’ll always meet your challenges head on!

We suggest: L.12.12 Blanc by Lacoste

Perfume: Inspired by the classic elegance of the white Lacoste polo shirt, this fresh and light scent has everything going for it, and is especially ideal for the summer.

Notes: At the heart of this refreshing and reinvigorating scent is grapefruit, tuberose and cedar. So simple, yet so enchanting!


Your personality: Proud, confident, charming and seductive, your entire demeanour screams manliness. You are focused on winning every battle or challenge you undertake. Your competitors should be worried!

We suggest: Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Perfume: A woody cocktail that pairs two unexpected energies: ecstasy and addiction. A sensation of pure vitality and refreshing vibrancy that will get your adrenaline pumping. A sensual, seductive magnetism that symbolizes the raw power of a man.

Notes: What makes this fragrance fit for a champion? Grapefruit pith, bay leaves, labdanum resin, guaiac wood and hints of nautical notes paired with ambergris. A virile concoction!

Invictus Eau de Toilette, 1 unit

Invictus Eau de Toilette, 1 unit


Your personality: You put a lot of time and effort into your appearance. You’ve got style and a strong personality. Your closet contains only the latest fashion trends, impressing your many conquests. You are a real charming gentlemen.

We suggest: Mr. Burberry by Burberry

Perfume: The olfactory male counterpart to My Burberry, Mr. Burberry is a fresh woody fragrance inspired by the iconic Heritage trench coat invented by the famous London fashion house. It’s chic, classic and has instantly achieved mythic status.

Notes: Grapefruit, tarragon, cardamom, birch leaves, nutmeg, cedar, vetiver as well as sandalwood and guaiac wood are at the heart of this timeless masculine scent.


Your personality: You’re passionate about your career and you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into it. Your office is your second home: you’re completely at ease there and feel you’re where you truly belong. Strange, but true, last-minute projects and important presentations fuel your hunger to succeed. And you’re extremely ambitious!

We suggest: Code Colonia by Giorgio Armani

Perfume: Determination, elegance and power: the three qualities of an admirable career man, artfully blended in this eau de toilette... sensual, discreet and complex.

Notes: The secret to the success of Armani? A well-balanced blend of bergamot, mandarin and rose hips, enhanced with clary sage and orange blossom, set against a rich amber foundation. Irresistible!


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To each man his own perfume

What kind of guy are you? Intellectual, adventurer, manly, professional or sophisticated? No matter the answer, there’s a scent that’s right for you. Here’s an overview of new perfumes available.
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