SOS dehydration: how to care for your skin during the holidays

Between Christmas and New Year’s, you should drink plenty of water, properly remove your makeup, exfoliate your face, and apply serum, a mask and moisturizing cream (in that order) to prevent tightness and chafing.


Scrubs – Exfoliating your skin makes it smoother, gets rid of dead cells and helps it to better absorb moisturizers. It is an important step, which you should perform at least twice a week—depending on your skin type—using gentle, non-irritating products

Serums – This ultra-concentrated product is even more effective if applied before a mask as this will allow it to penetrate your skin and moisturize it more deeply. Choose your serum according to your skin’s needs: excess sebum, dilated pores, dryness, wrinkles, redness, signs of aging, brown spots, etc.

Masks– This is an excellent way to maximize the effectiveness of your care products. And since there’s a mask for every skin type and need, there’s no reason to skip this step. It’s best to include masks in your beauty routine at least twice a week to boost your skin’s radiance and moisturize it more deeply.

Creams Finish off with a moisturizing cream, which allows you to nourish your skin while unifying and illuminating your complexion. Choose a cream that suits your skin type and any issues you want to treat, such as intense dryness, acne, stretching, etc. 


To reduce under-eye creasing, circles and bags due to fatigue or holiday excess, apply a serum or cream, morning and night, specially formulated for this fragile area, lightly tapping the skin around the eye with a finger to stimulate blood flow. You’ll have a bright, radiant look in no time!

And for chapped lips, use balms formulated with cocoa butter, shea butter, honey or ingredients that moisturize deeply. The skin on the lips is unlike the skin on the rest of the body. Its fineness makes it more vulnerable to aggressors such as pollution, cold, wind, heating, caffeine, alcohol, etc. To relieve chapped lips, keep a balm on hand at all times and don’t hesitate to apply it several times a day, especially before bed. And be sure to avoid licking your lips, which helps to dry them out!

Ideal Eyes Anti-Fatigue Serum, 15 ml
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Ideal Eyes Anti-Fatigue Serum, 15 ml

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SOS dehydration: how to care for your skin during the holidays

Cold weather, heating, makeup, lack of sleep, too much food and drink—the holidays can be rough on your skin, causing it to dry out. Here’s how to help.
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