Adapting your beauty routine for summer… a must!

Heat, sun, humidity... summer’s on its way and with it comes the need to change our skincare and make-up habits. Here are three tips to help you create the perfect summer beauty routine.

1) Choose lighter products

In winter, our skin has to be well equipped to withstand the cold, wind and dry air. That’s why we use skincare products that are richer and more nourishing, offering greater protection. But in summer, all that changes. As the heat rises, our bodies produce more sebum and perspiration. So, it’s important to use lighter, more refreshing, non-comedogenic formulas that provide our skin with the moisture it needs, but without clogging our pores.

  • Wash your face morning and night with a foam cleanser or a reusable cotton pad soaked in micellar water to help remove all the excess oil and accumulated impurities.
  • Moisturize using a gel or milk treatment that quenches your skin’s thirst and offers a refreshing boost. If you can find products with UVA and UVB protection, even better!
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Want to know the secret to giving your skin greater UV protection and proper hydration? Easy. Just mix a dab of after-sun cream with your night cream! It can even help enhance your tan!

Pureté Thermale Purifying Foaming Water Radiance Revealer, 150 ml

Pureté Thermale Purifying Foaming Water Radiance Revealer, 150 ml

For women with sensitive skin who want to boost their radiance.

Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser, 150 ml

Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser, 150 ml

This luscious and airy foam softly cleanses and purifies all skin types.

2) ALWAYS remember your sunscreen!

Make sunscreen part of your skincare routine every day of the year, but especially in summer when you spend more time outdoors, because UV rays are at their strongest during the summer months.

The steps to proper sun care

  • Apply sunscreen after your moisturizer every morning, making sure you cover all your exposed skin.
  • Reapply every two hours, or according to the directions on the packaging.
  • Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen (one that protects against UVA and UVB rays) with an SPF of at least 30.
  • Use a product that’s adapted to your skin type.


UV rays pass right through clouds and windows. So, sunscreen is vital even if it’s cloudy out or you spend the day indoors.

3) Use the right makeup

In summer more than ever, your skin needs to breathe freely! That’s why minimalist makeup is best, especially lighter products that are made for summer.

  • To enhance your tan’s healthy glow, choose a light, moisturizing foundation rather than an ultra-covering one. You might also want to try a tinted, dry-touch sunscreen. It will help repel water and take the shine off your skin when things heat up!
  • When choosing your mascara and eyeliner, opt for long-lasting, waterproof formulas to avoid that raccoon look. Remember to check the label for ingredients that will keep your eyelashes soft and supple, while and preventing your eyelids from tightening up.


If you’re not used to wearing waterproof makeup, remember to use a remover created specifically for waterproof products.

Toleriane Sensitive Le Teint Crème Complexion Corrective Soothing Moisturizer, 50 ml
La Roche-Posay

Toleriane Sensitive Le Teint Crème Complexion Corrective Soothing Moisturizer, 50 ml

Soothing hydrating tinted care: Toleriane Sensitive Tinted Cream is a new hybrid skincare for sensitive skin. It combines the soothing dermatological efficacy of Toleriane Sensitive with the correction and coverage of make-up.

Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D, 8 ml

Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D, 8 ml

Panoramic, light, supple lashes. A formula breakthrough from Clarins for those who want it all from their mascara and flawless results. Incredible volume, infinite length and spectacular curl, for beautiful, panoramic lashes.


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Adapting your beauty routine for summer… a must!

Now that summer is just around the corner, you need to adapt your beauty routine. Here are 4 tips to survive the hot weather.
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