4 beauty tips for a big event


Test your self-tanner before you go

Self-tanning products can last from four to six days, so we strongly recommend that you test them a week or so in advance to make sure the shade of tan is right for you.

To avoid creating a beauty faux pas, you can also use a tinted product without a self-tanner, one that moisturizes your skin giving you that healthy tanned look. Best of all, those types of products are easy to remove from your face with a little soap and warm water.

How to get healthy-looking skin with a self-tanner?

Wait until the self-tanner has dried completely before you get dressed, or you might stain your clothes. And remember to wash your hands thoroughly after each use (especially your palms). You can also add a deep exfoliant to your skincare routine for an even, natural-looking finish.

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Apply your false lashes a few days before the big event

As with self-tanners, it's best to avoid trying your false lashes just before you leave. Instead, learn to apply them properly a few days in advance and you can avoid running the risk of them falling off during your event. Ensure they fit properly and are comfortable by trying them out for at least a full day before your big event.

How to choose and apply your false lashes?

The key to success with false lashes is taking the time to choose them carefully, depending on their type (fringed, individual, magnetic, etc.), their length and shape (elongated, accentuated in certain areas, or with a natural effect) and the way they’re applied (with glue or non-stick).

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Do your manicure the night before

The Pros know it’s best to avoid doing your manicure at the last minute. Their beauty advice? Do it the day before and avoid the risk of smudges. It also ensures your nail polish is completely dry before you leave.

If ever you run out of time, you can also dry your nail polish more quickly by spraying your nails with a quick-dry spray to really speed up the drying time.

Doing your nails the day of the event

What’s the secret to getting a salon-quality manicure at home?

Painted over the edges of your nails? Try using a corrector pencil, which has the precision tip you need to clean up smudges, leaving an impeccable result. To avoid overlapping, you should also leave a millimetre free of polish at the bases and on the sides of your nails.

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Avoid excessive makeup

Sure, you can go for more elaborate makeup than usual for a special evening out or a big event. But be sure you don’t overdo it. Remember: moderation is the key to success! And keep the following tips in mind for your beauty routine, especially when you’re matching mascara and lipstick:

  • With smoky eyes, choose nude lipstick.
  • Prefer the doe-eyed look? Choose more flamboyant lipstick for the perfect complement.
  • And when it comes to glitter, use it sparingly. For example, if you're wearing glittery clothing, you should avoid using glitter powder or oil on your face or body.

What’s the right facial routine for your makeup?

Planning to wear a bright or dark lipstick? Use a lip liner to avoid lipstick bleeding into the fine cracks around your mouth. If you have dry, dehydrated skin, you’ll really want to apply a moisturizing cream to your skin about 30 minutes before you apply your makeup. It’s the best way to help ensure your makeup lasts.

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Our beauty advisors are here for you!

Feel free to speak to the cosmetics team at your Jean Coutu for personalized advice and tips, so you can look your very best no matter what you’re doing!


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4 beauty tips for a big event

What’s the ideal pre-party beauty routine? Here are 4 beauty tips from your cosmetics team to help you look and feel your best for the big event!
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