Training and Development

The Jean Coutu network makes job training for employees a top priority. Regardless of your position, you will receive comprehensive job training.

On your first day, you are assigned to members of the management team who will provide you with the necessary knowledge to allow you to do a job that you will be proud of and they will be satisfied with.

Several tools and resources contribute to the success of this training program.

The PJC Job Training Computer

This computer is installed in all Jean Coutu stores and allows the new employees to access a self-training program on video dealing with the different aspects of their work.

The PJC School

In Varennes
The PJC School offers, depending on your job, training provided by a team of instructors who are professional and dynamic on subjects such as: human resources management, operations, orthopedics, pharmacy, cosmetics, etc.

This job training is remunerated and carried out during your normal work schedule. Travel expenses and meals are also reimbursed.

Instructors On The Road
For employees unable to attend the PJC School, a team of instructors travel throughout the entire province to provide them with the same courses as those available in Varennes.


Certification Program

For certain positions and depending on the job training Master Plan, the employees obtain a certification after having completed the basic courses. For example, if a store manager has successfully completed his job training program, he obtains the grade of "certified manager". The same applies to a head cosmetician and for all other department head positions.