Caution Hypertension - The Jean Coutu Group introduces a new tool to help hypertension sufferers

A new initiative in the treatment of hypertension

Longueuil September 29, 2010. The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. is announcing the introduction of Caution Hypertension, a new hypertension monitoring program that allows people suffering from hypertension to control their blood pressure in cooperation with their pharmacist and their doctor. Thanks to a new automated blood pressure measuring device found in all pharmacies of the Jean Coutu network and a memory card, all the patient’s data is kept confidential on the Caution Hypertension Web site, thus facilitating communications between the patient, his pharmacist and his doctor.

The benefits offered by the Caution Hypertension program:

  • The memory card allows to save the patient’s blood pressure readings and to print from the device the last 10 readings on a paper coupon that can be forwarded to his doctor;
  • The patient can consult his blood pressure record at all times on the Jean Coutu site at the Caution Hypertension section via his personal access code appearing at the back of the card;
  • The patient can print from the Caution Hypertension site his readings as well as tables and graphics that are practical when consulting with his doctor;
  • The pharmacist affiliated to the Jean Coutu Group has access to the readings of his patient, which allows him to help the patient monitor his blood pressure and assess the effectiveness of his medication;
  • The patient’s doctor who has access to the Internet can view the blood pressure readings of the patient if he has provided him his personal access code.

By introducing a program stressing the importance of collaboration across professional boundaries, between health professionals and pharmacists, the pharmacies affiliated to the Jean Coutu PJC network wish to increase therapy compliance. “Allowing people to view their blood pressure readings means allowing them to monitor the progress of their own control of their blood pressure. So far more than 17,000 people have asked for their Caution Hypertension card,” mentions Richard Mayrand, vice president pharmacy and government affairs of the Jean Coutu Group.

It is estimated that the probability for a person to one day suffer from hypertension is 90%. The Caution Hypertension program empowers patients, which means that they can self-manage their illness. This new trend, combined with the technology of the Internet, takes advantage of the social networking phenomenon and allows the patient to work hand in hand with his doctor and his pharmacist.

The Caution Hypertension program will contribute to reduce instances of complications caused by high blood pressure. To learn more about the Caution Hypertension program, see the health section of the site or ask a pharmacist of the pharmacies affiliated to Jean Coutu for information.

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