An iridescent smile for the children!

Once again this year, the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, in partnership with Rythme FM, Clarins and Jean Coutu, invites you to unite to support young patients and their families by purchasing the Clarins "Rose Câlins" Lip Perfector.

A proud "Câlins" partner for 12 years!

By donating $10 for each Clarins "Rose Câlins" Lip Perfector sold at Jean Coutu stores in Quebec, the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation has raised several million dollars for Sainte-Justine patients.

You too, can help make a difference!

From "Câlins" to CIRENE

For the past 5 years, the totality of the funds raised as part of Mois des Câlins de Sainte-Justine has benefited the CIRENE project, unique in North America. Under the direction of Dr. Lionel Carmant, CIRENE aims to promote the early detection of neurological conditions such as attention deficit disorders, language disorders, intellectual disability, autism and the consequences of epilepsy.

In concrete terms, this means rapid care for children through a Web platform that matches the patient from the outset to the qualified specialist according to the condition being evaluated.

A.I.D.E. at Sainte-Justine CHU and a smile

As early management of children with neurological disorders is critical to their development and future, a web-based consultation tool named A.I.D.E. has been established to address this specific need. When you submit an online consultation request, your child's file is automatically reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee that ensures that the child receives the necessary medical care. Thanks to A.I.D.E., triage waiting time went from 15 months to 2 weeks and 100% of young patients were referred to the right health care providers from the start!

A remarkable consultation platform, of which CHU Sainte-Justine is extremely proud!

A Lip Perfector exclusive to Jean Coutu

Heighten your smile with Clarins "Rose Câlins" Lip Enhancer, exclusive colour to Mois des Câlins de Sainte-Justine. You will be won over by its ultra-comfortable texture and its delicate vanilla shea fragrance. Its moisturizing elements keep your lips soft, while providing a slightly pinkish hue. Truly a year-round beauty essential!

Dessine-moi un câlin

The campaign 2018 of Mois des Câlins de Sainte-Justine kick off also marks the unveiling of the new packaging. This year’s creation is by young Alexander, 6 years old. His work was selected from more than 1,200 children's drawings. This year's contest ends on February 16, 2018. Hurry and send your best hug!


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