3 tips for making your perfume last longer

How do you make your favourite fragrances last all day? By spraying them on the right areas.

You might choose your fragrance because of the memories or emotions it conveys or simply because you want to change things up. Once you’ve picked your new scent, you can use a few easy tricks to make it last as long as possible.


Always spray

on moisturized skin

Before you reach for your perfume, take a few moments to moisturize your skin. The fragrance’s notes will adhere directly to the moisturizing product so it will last longer on your skin. Don’t be afraid to add a layer of moisturizing milk on your arms, chest, legs and neck. Your dry (and odourless) skin will thank you!

A piece of advice! Use an odourless moisturizer to avoid altering your perfume’s fragrance.


Aim for

pulse points

The nape, inside the elbows, wrists, behind the ears, the décolleté and behind the knees are strategic zones for fragrances. The veins near the surface of these areas generate heat and can have an impact on the scent’s notes thanks to thermal variations. And what about the area behind your knees? Because perfume evaporates upwards, you’ll be able to enjoy your perfume’s scent all day. An ingenious technique for making your fragrance last!

When you want to spray your favourite perfume, forget about zones that have been exposed to the sun to prevent pigment spots. Choose the areas mentioned above and spray from at least 10 to 15 centimetres away from the skin. You don’t want to go overboard – think of your office neighbours!

Psst!Never rub your wrists together when you apply your perfume. It’s a bad habit that will break down the fragrance’s notes. You’ll end up with a scent that is not the one you were hoping for.


Don’t forget

your hair

Some of us already know this little trick: perfume can be sprayed on your hair. In fact, hair will absorb the fragrance’s essences and make the scent last even longer. Don’t forget to spray on the tips of the hair. This will make for a pleasant scent every time your hair gets tousled!

A piece of advice!To keep your hair healthy, use a body and hair mist specifically designed for hair that won’t dry out your scalp with a high alcool concentration.

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3 tips for making your perfume last longer

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