bio:renew, nature’s best for your hair

Suffocated with pollution, weakened by UV rays and stripped by chemical ingredients, your hair deserves to be pampered with gentle, natural care. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Herbal Essences’ new bio:renew line, which promises to rescue your tresses and breathe new life into your locks. Nothing less!

What is it?

A complete line of hair care—11 products in all—that combines the best of science with the power of botanical ingredients to restore your hair’s softness, shine and stunning colour.

Its inspiration?

Several years ago, Herbal Essences’ researchers began to study what exactly comes out of your shower head. They’ve confirmed that tap water leaves mineral and metallic residues on your hair after washing. The result? These residues damage the hair fibre and weaken, dry out and dull your locks. The chemists made it their goal to neutralize the free radicals in the harmful residues and stop them from accumulating on your hair. And that’s how bio:renew was born!

Its formula?

Each product is formulated with a revolutionary blend of natural ingredients that work together to care for your hair with precision. Best of all, this super formula contains no ethanol, colourants, parabens or gluten. What more could you ask for!

Its secret ingredient?

Histidine, an antioxidant that purifies and protects the hair from the inside out. How? By trapping, neutralizing and eliminating the free radicals that build up and damage your hair every day, i.e. pollution, dyes, sun exposure and even water.

Who should use it?

Created to remedy the most common hair concerns, bio:renew suits all hair types. However, the line will appeal most to those who want to end a never-ending cycle of hair care products. This endless routine consists of using products that can damage the hair in order to get the results you want, then countering their harmful effects with a range of heavy revitalizing products. Ultimately, Herbal Essences wants us to realize how important it is to choose hair products that are formulated with quality ingredients.

Its fragrances?

Herbal Essences fans can rest assured! As far as scents go, the brand known for its ultra-fresh fragrances will continue to offer aromas with notes of botanicals, fruits and flowers.

The results?

After 21 days of continual use, your hair will be completely transformed. Your locks will be softer, smoother, more voluminous and radiant—in short, they’ll look healthier than ever!

The Products

Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner :

Repairing, hydrating and scented with fizzy citrus, exotic spices and creamy vanilla.

-The shampoo: Strengthens your hair and restores softness and shine. Wow effect guaranteed!

-The conditioner: Intensely nourishes your hair and protects it from the sun, cold, water, etc. A truly effective shield!

The creams:

Anti-frizz, anti-humidity, moisturizing and protecting.

-Soft Control Crème Gel: Control flyaways and master the “bed head” look.

-Coconut Milk Oil-Infused Crème: Detangle, nourish and protect your hair from styling tools, so you can take the heat!

-Argan Oil of Morocco Oil-Infused Repair Crème: Pamper damaged tresses and protect them from future aggressors. Bring it on!

The mousses:

Non-sticky, flexible and anti-frizz with a lemon mango scent.

-Flexible Style Mousse: Shape your ’do any way you like without weighing it down, to look like you just stepped out of the salon!

-Curl Defining Mousse: Tame wavy hair to look your best and protect it from harsh elements. This way for incredible curls!

Alcohol-Free Hairspray:

Anti-frizz, hydrating and resistant to moisture (all day!).

-Flexible Airspray: Protect your hair from bad weather while keeping it looking natural. Shine and texture guaranteed!

-Volume Airspray: Boost your hair’s volume from morning to night and control flyaways. Get ready for more body!

Dry shampoos:

Absorbent (thanks to the natural tapioca in its formula) and fresh with no residues.

-Cucumber and Green Tea Revitalize Dry Shampoo: Instantly refresh your locks and restore texture to worn out hair. Just like shampooing in the shower!

-White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint Volume Dry Shampoo: Boost your roots and give your hair a burst of freshness. Perfect for difficult mornings or between washes!


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bio:renew, nature’s best for your hair

Bring your hair back to life in just 21 days with the new line of herbal essences with bio:renew.